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extending grace to others

Are You Extending Grace to Others?

I bought a Christian CD two days ago and have been blasting it my car since. The album is titled "Grace" from the talented Tasha Cobbs, the same person who slayed us with her version of Break Every Chain. Now, my intention wasn't to listen to music---I wanted to test my car CD player. In fact, I didn't … Continue Reading

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5 Reasons You Need to Watch Korean Dramas

I sit in my bedroom with palms planted on my cheeks and my mind flown to a distant land, a land whose language I managed to acquire through years weaning myself from Nollywood. My mom joins me, but her voice is louder and she tries to predict the next scene as usual. I blame myself for getting her into Korean … Continue Reading

PSY feat Snoop Dog, Hangover

The Thing with PSY’s “Hangover”

Credit: Allkpop.com Have you seen PSY's new music video featuring Snoop Dog? And no, I refuse to call him Snoop Lion. In less than 24hrs after the release, the music video racked over 10 million views. Now the reactions to this MV release has ranged from acceptance to cringing, with many expressing … Continue Reading

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Write for WS Magazine

Write for Worship and Swag!

Photo Credit: Angie Garrett via flickr.com Hey there! We're glad you found us. This is a community where our ages or academic achievements pale in comparison to the interconnectedness of our heartbeats, the shared mission of reaching the far ends of the earth for Christ. It is a website where our stories … Continue Reading


Are You Feeding or Strangling Your Dreams?

Photo Credit: Jared Tarbell¬†via flickr I knew I had to do a post on this when I held my graduate school admission papers in one hand and my cell phone in another. I planned to make a phone call to the School of Nursing office and I had my words scripted. Hello, this is Margaret. I'd like to defer my … Continue Reading

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