Coffee Date: Guest Blogging, New Gadgets, & Graduate School

Coffee Date

Have you ever been on coffee dates? The excitement, the intimate setting, the queasiness from bubbling emotions, and the simple elegance of cafes make me groan in delight! And of course, one of the most amazing things about me is how I manage to maintain an active social media presence and imagine beautiful places while I’m draped in shawls all day long—one my bed.

There are many aspects I find amusing in my mundane life, funny enough to arouse interest but not strong enough to warrant a long post for each one of them. I find myself taking long coffee breaks from this blog because I feel you wouldn’t be interested in a life that isn’t full of Korean drama rama. But how about sharing the mundane with you?

Because you’re busy yet sociable, I’ll bring these exciting news to you via Coffee Dates, a place for us to connect and talk in hushed tones while savoring our favorite cup of lattés or cappuccinos. (more…)

The Lady Leader: How to Prepare for Life After College

how to prepare for life after collegeWeek 1 Here

It’s week two of The Lady Leader: How to Find and Project Your Professional Swag with Confidence, guys, and it’s awesome to be here once again. How was that sound bite? I have a cup of surprise brewing for you all, but today, I will be presenting on How to Prepare for Life After College.

Last week, we talked about “What am I good at?” and identifying your tags. Now, whether you are a veteran or a recent graduate, what I am about to share in this post may be boring, repetitive—because you’ve read about every article there is on transitioning from college to life, but it is gold. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while preparing for life after college.

1. Define Your Vision

Helen Keller once said that “What’s worse than being blind is to have sight but no vision.” Please tell me that after you read the first part to this series, you sat down and took inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. So it wasn’t perfect, but the most important thing was that you gathered your auto parts, assembled the car, and you’re in it.

When defining your vision, these things should come close to mind:

  1. Am I going to Graduate/Professional school?
  2. Do I want to create a small business or a techy start up?
  3. Or do you want a regular 40hr, 9-5 job every week?


The Lady Leader: What Am I Good At?

What am I good atCheck the series introduction here

Eleven months after I graduated from college, I asked myself this question: “What am I good at?” I had trusted my grades and professional network to ease my transition into the real world and flaunted my degrees at interviews. I even scored an interview with the president of a large healthcare organization. But something interesting happened; none of them inspired nor hired me. Tired and unsure of my abilities, I asked myself again: “What am I good at?”

I started out as a Mass Communications and Journalism student but was soon discouraged when well-meaning individuals pointed out journalists’ weak earning potential. Then I made a switch to Nursing because 1) Nurses make big bucks and 2) I can cope with the rigor of the program because I am a bright student in the arts and sciences.

Now here’s the thing: I was taking elective courses at a community college to keep me busy while waiting to get admission into nursing school for two years!  Tired of waiting at home, I settled for Health Services Administration and Gerontology. This was the beginning of my academic and professional mistake.

Identify your Talents, Abilities, Gifts, and Strengths (T.A.G.S)

According to motivational speaker, Jermaine Davis, your T.A.G.S are your natural born strengths. They are what come easy to you but difficult to other people. They are what keep you going when the going gets tough. They excite you even when all compensation is taken away from you.

Here’s a fact: (more…)

5 Reasons You Need to Watch Korean Dramas

5 Reasons You Should Watch Korean DramasI sit in my bedroom with palms planted on my cheeks and my mind flown to a distant land, a land whose language I managed to acquire through years weaning myself from Nollywood. My mom joins me, but her voice is louder and she tries to predict the next scene as usual. I blame myself for getting her into Korean dramas. But there are 5 reasons YOU need to watch Korean dramas.

Unlike the Nigerian entertainment scene where love portions, prostitution, and juju masters duke it out for supremacy, a typical kdrama offers more. There is something about the simplicity and elegance of Korean dramas that sold me completely. It’s a carousel of sorts, taking you through tunnels of hope, despair, anxiety, and happiness in 60 minutes for 15 weeks or more.

Interestingly, Korean dramas are popular. It’s simple: hot guys and an insane number of celebrity follower-ship called fandoms (fan kingdoms) make every fan-girl heart beat out of rhythm. The dramas are ridiculously long but there is something for everyone. Here are the reasons why you should watch Korean dramas. (more…)

The Lady Leader Series: How to Find and Project Your Professional Swag with Confidence

Lady Leader Series

After several months of unemployment/under-employment and discussions with recent graduates on why intelligent, talented ladies fail to impress on the professional stage, The Lady Leader: How to Find and Project your Professional Swag with Confidence was born.

The Lady Leader series is for every young lady who wants to make a seamless transition from college into the professional world, that young lady who is stuck and can’t get out of the college mindset, or that particular lady who worried about being seen as a respected colleague at work—even with her leadership skills.

And the big question secretly playing with your critical minds: what qualifies me to be an expert on women leadership and communication?

It’s simple. (more…)

4 Books You Should Add to Your Book Shelf this Summer!

Reading used to be a guilty pleasure of mine but ever since I graduated from college, it has been a challenge to read for pleasure. There is always constant interruption and multiple things vying for my attention at the same time.

However, as a blogger, one not only needs to possess good communication and writing skills, the need to constantly seek knowledge and engage our minds through reading is equally as important.

Reading a wide range of books can inspire you to live your live to the fullest in several ways: discovering and honing your potentials as individuals, educating you to impact others’ lives, strengthening your relationship with God while moving on from past failures, and providing ways to serve the community. These books will touch on some (if not all of these points) and I hope you enjoy them.

Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive by Bishop T.D. Jakes

instinctWhether you’re a recent college graduate or a working professional, this book is for you. A prolific writer, T.D. Jakes transports us to the animal kingdom, examines their behavior, and draws on their instinct for survival and reproduction to create a masterpiece on purpose based on instinct.

We live in hard times which Bishop Jakes likens to the jungle, and the secret to survival depends on our ability to be in sync with our instincts and channel them to go after “…the opportunities life presents and discover a fresh abundance of resources.”

Full of personal and professional tools engineered in God’s design, you will find yourself thinking like the person you aspire to be and are meant to become!

Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life by Sarah Jakes

Lost and foundSarah Jakes is not only the daughter of the anointed Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter House, she is a survivor. Teen mom at 14, women’s ministry leader in her early twenties to over 35,000 church members, divorcee at 24, and single mom to two children.

And she is baring it all in her new memoir, Lost and Found. From going to strip clubs; enduring emotional abuse from her cheating husband dealing with the shame and criticism from Christians and non-Christians, to healing, Sarah Jakes shares it all.

Lost and Found is a story of finding love and acceptance in a God she’d given up on, and discovering her new-found purpose in her mess. A story of hope and encouragement, you too can forget your past as you absolve yourself in a wonderful story of how Sarah’s pain was turned into perfection.

Worship Matters:Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God by Bob Kauflin

Worship matters

 This book focuses readers on the essentials of God-honoring worship, combining biblical foundations with practical application in a way that works in the real world. The author, a pastor and noted songwriter, skillfully instructs pastors, musicians, and church leaders so that they can root their congregational worship in unchanging scriptural principles, not divisive cultural trends.

I know what some of you are thinking: “I am not a worship leader!” While Bob touches on various topics, from the definition of worship to the ABCs of how to lead worship, the beauty of this book lies in its ability to transcend cultural barriers and denominational affiliations, which makes it perfect for people from various backgrounds or those who want to serve in the church.

Jesus was a servant leader and the concept of servant leadership resonates throughout the book. Worship Matters is full of teachings on how to lead effectively and serve without placing emphasis on you, you, YOU!

Still by Eniola Prentice


By now you’re probably mourning the lack of good old guilty pleasure prose in my selection, ha! I present to you Eniola Prentice, a Nigerian blogger turned Christian fiction author.

Mention Karen Kingsbury and I’ll say Eniola Prentice! Still, a provoking romance tale about flawed, impressionable, and evolving young Nigerian medical students takes you through a roller coaster of emotions and settles beautifully on the issue of mental health, daring you to embrace logic and kick superstition to the curb.

In her debut novel and series, Eniola tackles tough questions on faith and forgiveness, teasing us with the smell of developing characters in the oven, making you beg for more.


These are the books I plan to read finish this summer and I would love to hear some recommendations from you as well. What’s on your book shelf this summer?


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