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How to Trust God When Feeling Like an Impostor

Photo Credit: Net Potter via flickr During Summer of the year 2014, God gave me a vision for building productive church teams. I believed in His word and vision for the church. I had a fiery passion for planning, strategy, and leadership and have shared this with some people. But I just couldn't believe why … Continue Reading

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We Need to Pray for a Transformed Nation

Photo Credit: William Hall Raine via flickr As the forthcoming elections draws nearer, I felt the Lord asking me and all of us: “What do we really want to change?” Like most of us claim on the social media platforms, talk shows, and various other forms of communication, Nigeria is indeed a country in need … Continue Reading

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Self Development

Lessons learned in 2014

Self Development: 5 Lessons I learned in 2014

Photo Credit: Remco Wighman via flickr When I started out blogging I had only one thing in mind: writing. What I would write about remained to be known, but I knew there was something in me. Something I had to share with the world. The year 2014 was a year of recovery for me. I let go of certain people … Continue Reading

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Write for Worship and Swag!

Photo Credit: Angie Garrett via flickr.com Hey there! We're glad you found us. This is a community where our ages or academic achievements pale in comparison to the interconnectedness of our heartbeats, the shared mission of reaching the far ends of the earth for Christ. It is a website where our stories … Continue Reading

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Before you say I do

4 Things to Consider Before You Say “I do”

Photo Credit: Kumon via Flickr I envision a lot of proposals happening in the next few days––an overflow from last weekend's Valentine's day, and it pains me to say that many young adults will make decisions that will negatively change the course of their destinies forever. For some, the thrill of being … Continue Reading...


Let True Love Save You

Photo Credit: Tatiana P via Flickr When I got the email from Maggie to do this guest post, I thought "oh sure"! But I am sitting here on my reading table and chair and I have no idea on what to write. I feel like a little girl again. The little girl who was almost raped because she did not have the good … Continue Reading...

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